Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NBA Champions Miami: Champagning and Campaigning in Sydney

After compiling a Champagning and Campaigning guide for the Eastern Conference which featured Miami as the #1 party spot (no surprises), I was inspired to dig up our own 'Champagning and Campaigning' photos from Sydney. A few of the boys from the 'Star Basketball Competition' capped off the 2013 season by celebrating Miami's win and the forthcoming windfall from putting their money where there mouth was.

Below are some celebratory graphics.
After an unfortunate hiccup the SBC will be hosting its first event for 2014 and the 3rd tournament overall. Once again thanks to Commissioner Von and the SBC committee for all their efforts.

Champagning and Campaigning: Party City
Champagning and Campaigning: World Red Eye
Champagning and Campaigning: Drake DADA

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